One more time

May 21, 2020

( 🎧 Listening to Daft Punk )

Again, I have an itch for writing down some thoughts. These days, I appreciate the timelessness of written essays vis-à-vis the fragility of program code. Last time, I only managed to update the blog engine, my energy was exhausted before actually delivering a single article. Oh well, I had an excuse. Life was moving fast, for better or worse, mostly better.

My professional life, as a software engineer, is moving fast as well. I switched from Swift to Go, then to Rust. I guess JavaScript (currently in the TypeScript flavor) is my only real constant in programming. A quick blog engine rewrite was in store, but I have done this before. 😜

The new site is divided into segregated front-end and back-end components. The frontend is powered by React and NextJS. The backend, offering basic CMS functionality, is implemented with Rust, and just publishes a collection of json files as a REST API. Static HTML export makes everything fast and safe.

The site looks quite raw, but hopefully I will improve the aesthetics and add new sections and more content, soon. For the moment, I find the 'empty-canvas' look kind of inspiring. All the possibilities are open, don't you think?

The new logo and new top level domain is another story for another time...