Were are we today?

August 5, 2014

Is it 1880 or 1914?

A lot about where we are today has similar characteristics. We have all of the ingredients for an information society in place: a global network that connects everyone, rapidly improving machine learning and automation, additive manufacturing and robotics (to name just a few key ingredients). We also have globalized many aspects of the economy with global corporations and supply chains.

Yet again the political leadership throughout the world is still largely thinking in industrial terms, including emphasizing the nation state as the geographic organizing principle (and playing up ethnic and religious differences). Once again we also have large groups of people who feel pushed around or left behind by the emerging information economy.

I am consistently surprised that people around me don't realize what is really happening in the world today. We live in dangerous times. You better expect (and prepare for) some disruptive changes within this decade. And I am not talking about Valley-style, hipster disruption here...