I ♥ no.de

September 27, 2010

A few days ago, Joyent unveiled the public beta of their NodeJS-based platform-as-a-service contender. Well, this service rocks! From the great no.de domain name to the RESTful procurement/management API and the git-powered deployment, everything radiates coolness.

Even though I posted my hearts to the API end-point (/♥ !!), I haven't received any coupons in return. So there is no review for you. However, the elegant simplicity of the API (combined with the clean-slate design of the underlying NodeJS infrastructure) lights my geeky heart (pun intended).

I am not a NodeJS fan-boy. These days I am evaluating Java/GWT (so far I am positively surprised but I 'll reserve my final judgement for a future post). So, you understand, like everyone who feels overwhelmed by the complexity of the Java ecosystem, I can appreciate a refreshingly simple alternative.