The best feeds for the best topics

June 16, 2007

I read a lot of sites every day. Switching from site to site is time consuming and distracting. Of course I could use an RSS aggregator but I prefer a web solution. I know, I know there is Google Reader too, but for some reason, I am not 100% happy with its interface. I would like to organize feeds in 'planets' and further organize these planets in broad categories.

Using my ultra cool Nitro Web Application Framework it was easy to quickly hack up a nice web application that suits my browsing/reading style. It 's called Phidz (<>, was obviously not available) and I would like to invite you to this comprehensive collection of feeds for interesting topics. I am adding new feeds (and some new categories) daily, so check back often.

I hope you will like the clean user interface that promotes the content. Hopefully, you will even suggest some more feeds (just add a comment after this blog entry). Whatever you do, always remember to have fun and enjoy life!