Switching blog engine (again!)

January 19, 2007

Some time ago, following a friend's advice I decided to test-drive MediaTemple's Grid-Server offering (well, I admit, I was influenced by the strong marketing buzz around this hosting solution). I quickly realized that it was nothing more than a normal virtual server without root access. Disappointed, I turned my attention to other solutions (eventually I settled down with Amazon EC2, and I am extremely happy, more about this marvelous service in another post).

During my short experimentation with the Grid-Server I installed Wordpress. When I saw the administration interface it was love at first sight. This is the most user friendly and intuitive application I have ever used (well, if you don't consider GMail, that is ;-)). I immediately moved my Blog from the custom coded Flare Blog system (based on Nitro) to this great CMS software.

I was so happy with my new Blog, that I forgot that I was paying 20$/mo for a 'dedicated' server used almost exclusively to host a Wordpress blog. Nah, time to switch to one of these public Blog services, I said to myself. Wordpress.com was the obvious candidate. However, after a quick investigation I came to the conclusion that the free version is kind of restricting (no HTML edit?).

I decided to try Blogger.com. Even though it is considerably less intuitive than Wordpress (and certainly not as elegant), it allows me to use my domain name, create multiple blogs attached to the same Google account and I can edit the HTML template. I decided to accept it's shortcomings and give it a try. So I created two blogs, the one you are reading at the moment and a new greek version. This blog will contain mainly technical (geeky) posts, the greek one will contain general, life-related ramblings. Let's see how this will work out...