January 9, 2007

The last few days were full of activity, but as always I managed to find some time to pursuit my more geeky interests:

  1. I am trying to learn Haskell. The functional programming style is well suited for building scalable distributed applications. Moreover, Haskell is so different than other languages that it makes me feel excited. Haven't had such fun since I first experimented with Ruby.

  2. At last, I resolved my ADSL problems and I have a proper Internet connection at home. If you are a Greek reader here is my current opinion on Tellas: The call center is difficult to reach, but the support team is knowledgeable and the actual Internet Connection seems quite speedy. Not many years ago NTUA was served by a single 2 Mbps connection, and now I have a 4Mbps connection in my bed room!

  3. I downloaded the Wii Internet Channel. This works great, easily surpassing my expectations. For example cull.gr works like a charm. Every day, as I get more comfortable with the Wii interface I more and more admire the excellent work Nintendo's engineers have done on this system. Wii can really make the world of Games and Internet accessible to non-technical people. Hey, even my mother tried (and liked!!) Wii Tennis.

  4. I prepared a new homepage, I am sure you can guess my inspiration.

I am considering a number of web site ideas for the Greek market while actively working on infrastructure code and processes. I am also looking for potential investors, so if you feel like it you can contact me.